Round Mountain Park

Located at the South St. end of Highway 60, Round Mountain is a park with five hiking loops. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Road Mountain Park has something for every visitor; from jogging to leisurely walking to long and rocky terrain that will challenge even the most experienced hikers,

Round Mountain Park is prized for its natural beauty. A trip to this park will prove to any visitor why. The hike adjacent to the Wes Trail will lead up to the flag and give one of the most amazing views of the City of Globe and the surrounding mountain ranges and areas. The most extended loop at the park is 5k long; however, you can “jump” in between loops and walk for as long as you’d like.

On the 386 acres of this beautiful park, you can find around 6.5 miles of trails, gorgeous vistas, ramadas for lunch breaks, and a visitor center with information and well-maintained restrooms. During summer, wildflowers spray across the park with a dessert setting, something extraordinary if you ask any visitor that has witnessed it. 

Round Mountain Park’s trails are generally considered a challenging route that’s great for walking, hiking, and birding. The park is pet friendly, but all pets must be on a leash. Round Mountain Park has restroom and picnic areas throughout the park. The Round Mountain Park’sPark’s trails are: 

  • Bull’s Eye Rock Loop Trail – a short 0.36-mile hike that ends in a lovely and picture-worthy setting
  • Prospector’sProspector’s View Trail – a 0.16-mile hike that leads to the picnic ramada
  • Ridge Trail – the newest trail, which loops from Boulder Canyon Trail with a side loop option taking you either 0.23 miles or 0.41 miles
  • Box Canyon Trail – Beginning at Boulder Canyon Trail before spinning off at just 0.03 miles to the Juniper Tree Rest Area.
  • East Trail Point – a 0.28-mile hike that starts at Juniper Tree Rest Area